Brazilian Businessman Proposes Free-Trade Tech Initiative at WTO

Brazilian Businessman Proposes Free-Trade Tech Initiative at WTO

Chamber Articles Category: Information Technology Post Date: 09/28/17 Source: The New York Times By: Reuters
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A Brazilian business leader urged a World Trade Organization forum on Wednesday to use a technology initiative to help smaller firms gain better access to global commerce and trade.

The Intelligent Tech & Trade Initiative (ITTI), presented on Wednesday by Daniel Feffer, president of the International Chamber of Commerce-Brazil, and Columbia University professor Marcos Troyjo, examines how cutting-edge technologies, including blockchain and cognitive computing, can help with negotiations.

In a phone interview with Reuters, Feffer said the initiative wants to help diplomats, business leaders, technology firms and scholars use technologies to help create applications opening trade to smaller firms, for instance, he said.

"Augmented intelligence, blockchain, all this, if put together in the best form possible after an ample debate, should boost trade growth and become an inclusive tool for small- and medium-sized industries struggling with protectionism or simply scant access to global commerce," Feffer said from Geneva, where the WTO forum is taking place. Read Full Article