Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend graces Grafton

Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend graces Grafton

Chamber Articles Category: Sports Post Date: 03/13/17 Source: The Daily Examiner By: Matthew Elkerton
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A hush of awe fell over the MD Mixed Martial Arts gym in Grafton as UFC Hall of famer Royce Gracie spoke to a room full of burgeoning martial artists.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu royalty and a mixed martial arts legend, Gracie brought more than four decades of experience to a three-hour seminar yesterday.

Gracie ran the class through many basics of self defence, teaching ways to get out of tight situations on the streets, to help build confidence in the students.

"Mixed martial arts is all about confidence,” Gracie said. "If you don't have confidence, people can pick on you and there is nothing you can do about it. But to have confidence, you need to know what you are doing.

"We are teaching people how to defend themselves in a street fight situation, that way they have knowledge and the confidence to deal with anything that happens in the street.”

For the 50-year-old octagon veteran, who was victorious at the very first UFC pay-per-view event, a visit to Grafton was just another of many that he makes around the world as he takes the lessons of his father Helio Gracie to students across the globe.

"I travel about seven months of the year all over the world,” he said. "I love travel and I love to teach.

"Spreading what my father created, spreading Gracie jiu-jitsu. Read Full Article