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Government launches 2017/2018 Agricultural and Livestock Plan

Speaking during the launch ceremony of the 2017/2018 Agricultural and Livestock Plan, held this Wednesday (7) at the Presidential Palace, President Michel Temer reinforced the government's "unequivocal commitment to Brazilian agriculture and livestock".

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Brazilian Q1 sugar exports in containers up 14% year on year to 591,121 mt

Brazilian sugar shipments in containers in the first quarter were 14% higher year on year at 591,121 mt, which was down 10% from Q4 2016, data from shipping agency Williams Brazil showed.
The port of Santos accounted for 92% of the total volume, or 544,263 mt, up 15% year on year.

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World Can't Get Enough Soy, Top Growers Ship at Record Pace

The world can’t seem to get its fill of soybeans.

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Opposition to Brazilian beef imports grows

As the Brazilian beef scandal plays out, several U.S. lawmakers have introduced a bill to impose a 120-day ban on imports of Brazilian beef, and some groups are pushing for a return of country-of-origin labeling of meat.

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Tight Fuel Ethanol Supplies in Brazil Boost U.S. Exports

U.S. Fuel Ethanol exports are up sharply in the current marketing year, thanks in part to tighter fuel supplies in Brazil, which are resulting in higher U.S. imports.

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U.S. soy exports big beneficiary of Brazil's price woes

The Brazilian farmer’s reluctance to sell newly harvested soybeans may have finally paid off for U.S. soybean merchants, who could be in for some better-than-expected export sales in the coming months.

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Brazil minister backs tariff to curb U.S. ethanol imports

Agriculture Minister Blairo Maggi has asked Brazil's foreign trade council to impose tariffs on ethanol imports following a surge in shipments from the United States, an official said on Thursday, a move that could stir trade tensions with the Trump administration.

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Brazilian sugar exports to rise to record levels

Brazilian sugar production and exports will reach record levels this season, as mills increase the ration of cane diverted to sugar, rather than ethanol, in response to rising prices and a weak currency which incentivises exports, US officials said.

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Brazil beef exports seen returning to normal

Brazil's beef exports should return to normal levels between April and May as the country's efforts to reverse import bans have started to bear fruit in the wake of a food safety scandal that surfaced last month, industry group Abrafrigo said on Friday.

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Brazil could harvest 113.3 million tons of soybeans in the 2016/2017 season. According to the Rally da Safra, the main expedition to monitor the grain harvest in Brazil, this estimate is a result of favorable weather and an investment in technology.

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