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Environmentalists and farmers must unite to save Amazon, says ex Brazilian minister

Former Brazilian Environment Minister Izabella Teixeira has made an impassioned plea for a "new politics of consensus", urging farmers, environmentalists and big business to unite in the battle to save the Amazon.

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Brazil new soy frontier Matopiba contributing to record crop

Brazil's newest soy frontier, the Matopiba region stretching across four northern states, is contributing to a record crop this year as good weather spurs a recovery in agricultural yields after several drought-hit seasons.

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Temer: "prompt response" reverses South Korea decision on chicken

Ministries of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs are working to demonstrate the strictness of Brazil’s health inspection services and the quality of our exports.

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Pressure over water in Brazil puts pulp industry in the spotlight

Brazil’s southeast coastal state of Espírito Santo is rapidly heading toward desertification.

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Huge U.S. corn exports face hurdles from South American rivals

The United States appears well on its way to exporting the largest volume of corn in nine years, but there will be some hurdles to overcome in order to meet the full expectation for the season.

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Expansão agropecuária impulsiona demanda por recursos do BNDES

Com R$ 2,13 bilhões desembolsados no ano passado, a participação da agropecuária nas liberações do BNDES para o Rio Grande do Sul aumentou de 22,6% em 2015 para 30,1% em 2016 – quase o dobro da participação do setor no total nacional de desembolsos.

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Growing Hunger for Brazilian Chicken as Bird Flu Spreads

The bird flu outbreak sweeping across Asia and Europe means you may soon be eating more Brazilian chicken.

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Brazilian coffee accounts for 31.3% of global production

The coffee harvest in Brazil may reach 47.51 million bags of 60 kg this year. If the value is confirmed, the country will have accounted for 31.3% of global output. The information, supplied by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), was released on Wednesday (18).

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Brazilian coffee output fall in 2017 'may keep prices firm'

A retreat in Brazilian production this year "may keep coffee prices firm", Cepea said, flagging expectations that the drop in output may be as much as 20-30%.

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Long queues of trucks loaded with soybeans have been forming in front of elevators in the heart of Brazil's grain belt this week, a sure sign the harvest is speeding up and will soon pour an expected record volume of the oilseed into the market.

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