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Bollywood In Brazil: When Indians Took To The Carnival In Sao Paulo

The Brazilian Carnival is a time of celebration - of dancing, music and colourful costumes, when the entire country is in a mood of revelry. Painted faces and festive costumes dominate the scene before the Christian fasting period of Lent begins.

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Brazil's Carnival 2017: A week-long celebration of parades and street parties

Revelers all over Brazil are geared up for parades, balls and street parties during Carnival week celebrations.

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Brazilian saxophone player Leo Gandelman to play in KL

The name Leo Gandelman may not ring a bell for local jazz lovers but the Brazilian saxophone player is worshipped in his homeland.

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Salão do Estudante oferece opções de ensino fora do país e atrai estudantes

O Salão do Estudante, maior feira de educação internacional da América Latina, desembarca no Brasil no mês de março para sua 23° edição e percorrerá seis capitais: São Paulo (11 e 12), Rio de Janeiro (14 e 15), Porto Alegre (17), Curitiba (18), Belo Horizonte (19) e Salvador (21).

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Artist Maria Lynch Returns to Rio with Interactive Exhibition

On Saturday, January 14th at 7:30 PM, the Carioca and internationally acclaimed artist Maria Lynch’s latest exhibition, Maquina Devir (Become Machine) will open in Ipanema’s Oi Futuro with free entry.

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7 Reasons to Intern Abroad in 2017

If you’re in college and want the adventure of a lifetime you’re probably considering doing a Semester at Sea or a traditional study abroad program. Think again. You can have the adventure of a lifetime while setting yourself up to be an international rock star. How?

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This Social Enterprise is Creating a ‘New Generation of Readers’ in Brazil

Literacy in Brazil is a major problem. Of the 28 million students enrolled, 50 percent scored below the basic proficiency level in the 2012 PISA international assessment tests. According to the Instituto Paulo Montenegro, 27 percent of Brazilian adults are functionally illiterate.

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How this MasterChef contestant became a feminist hero in Brazil

When Brazilians tune in to see what’s cookin’ in tonight’s finale of their country’s version of MasterChef, it’s more than just culinary skills they’ll be looking for.

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Art and nature intertwined at massive Brazilian park

Smack in the middle of lush eucalyptus forests in Brazil's heartland, Inhotim Park offers visitors a mix of sensations rarely combined into one experience: art and nature.

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Brazil to Increase Culture Ministry Budget by 40 Percent

President of Brazil, Michel Temer, announced this week that his administration would be increasing the Ministry of Culture’s budget by more than forty percent.

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