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Tarsila, the "Picasso of Brazil"

Now on display in New York after a run in Chicago: the work of a Brazilian artist Faith Salie says North Americans need to know ...

In her native country, Brazil, all you need to say is her first name: Tarsila.

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Helping Brazilian English Teachers Build Professional Skills

Thirty high school English teachers from Brazil are spending six weeks at UM in a new skill-building program.

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President Obama’s Visit to Brazil

On Thursday, October 5, President Obama will meet with young leaders in São Paulo to learn more about how they are making a positive difference in their communities — and how the Obama Foundation can ensure all young leaders have the tools and resources they need as they advance on their journey.

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Monuments and museums honour Brazilian independence

Brazilians and visitors wishing to learn more about the country's history, and especially its independence, can take this holiday to visit one of several destinations throughout the country that work to preserve the history of notable and decisive facts, people and battles that helped shape Brazi

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$309 Million Emerald Weighing Nearly 800 Pounds Was Just Found in Brazil

A massive 794-pound emerald was unearthed recently by miners inside the Carnaiba Mine in Brazil. This incredible emerald specimen stands 4.3 feet tall and is valued at approximately $309 million.

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Rio Launches Small Business Program Focused on Beach Tourism

Amidst a crippling economic crisis and rising security concerns, a new program for small businesses called Fortalecimento do Turismo nas Praias da Zona Sul (Strengthening South Zone Beach Tourism) was announced yesterday, August 1st.

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Brazil and Africa Bridge the South Atlantic

The relationship between Africa and Brazil is rarely spared a second glance.

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As cidades mais inteligentes do Brasil em 11 critérios

O que é necessário para integrar o seleto grupo das cidades mais inteligentes de um país? Segundo a consultoria Urban Systems, a resposta é única: uma cidade só é inteligente e conectada quando consegue pensar o planejamento urbano e o desenvolvimento econômico de uma maneira integrada.

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Is Brazil the New Sweden for U.S. Agency Recruiters?

When Wieden & Kennedy hired an Argentine creative in 1997 for a job in Portland, Ore., José Mollá was a rarity. And when he tried to hire a creative team from Brazil, no one wanted to come.

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Brazil’s study travel market bounces back

Brazil’s outbound study surged by 14% in 2016, with more than 247,000 students studying abroad during the year as exchange rates improved, according to Brazil’s largest study travel association.

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