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Brazil Emerges From Its Worst Recession, Says Finance Chief

Brazil’s economy will emerge from its worst recession on record in the first quarter of this year, Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles said in an interview with Bloomberg News and TV.

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Brazil central bankers say lower interest rates to help recovery

Interest rate cuts should help Brazil's economy return to growth, central bank directors Carlos Viana and Tiago Berriel said on Thursday at different events in Washington according to a statement published by the central bank on its website

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Brazil Pension Reform Changes Would Cut Savings: Meirelles

Changes to the Brazilian government's landmark pension reform proposal should reduce planned fiscal savings by up to 25 percent in 10 years and nearly 30 percent in 30 years, Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles told Reuters on Tuesday.

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Brazil's economy grew in Feb at fastest pace in 7 years

Economic activity in Brazil grew in February at the fastest pace since January 2010, a central bank indicator showed on Monday, in the strongest sign yet that Latin America's largest economy is emerging from a two-year recession.

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Brazil likely to step up monetary easing to spur recovery

Brazil's central bank is widely expected to speed up monetary easing on Wednesday, taking advantage of slowing inflation to try to revive an economy still struggling with its deepest recession on record.

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Brazilian foreign minister and OAS chief call for Venezuelan elections

Brazil's foreign minister and the head of the Organization of American States (OAS) called on Tuesday for elections to restore full democracy in Venezuela, following weekend protests after a political ban on a top opposition leader.

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Reinventing Brazil's economy

The finance minister and former president of the central bank of Brazil, Henrique Meirelles, explains to John Authers what reforms are needed for the country to overcome its current crisis.

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Markets Spotlight: Brazil keeps hold of investors’ interest

Our round-up of the best comment and analysis from the Financial Times during the week focuses on the role of investor relations officers, evaluation of Bank of England’s Corporate Bond Purchase Scheme and investors sentiment towards Fed decisions.

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Marcos Pereira defends more Latin America trade

Increasing intraregional trade integration was one of the main topics addressed during the World Economic Forum for Latin America, held this Thursday (6 April) in Buenos Aires.

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Google, Lemann Foundation Invest $6.4M to Deliver Lessons to Brazilian Teachers’ Phones

On March 22, Google and the Lemann Foundation, an education nonprofit in Brazil, announced plans for an initiative that will deliver digital lessons directly to the cellphones of elementary school teachers.

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