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Capgemini launches innovation center in Brazil

IT outsourcing and consultancy firm Capgemini has launched a new innovation center for the development of digital and cloud services for Brazilian clients.

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Brazil readies first satellite launch

Brazil will launch its first own satellite to protect the transfer of privileged national security information while boosting the broadband capacity of the country later this month.

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Twitter sees growth in Brazil

Twitter has reported a 30 percent boost in advertising revenue in Brazil last year helped by digital marketing interest around the Olympic Games and rising smartphone uptake locally.

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Courses on entrepreneurship and management arrive at Brazilian universities' journalism programs

Renowned university journalism programs across Brazil will open courses on entrepreneurship, management and business from now until 2018, and many have already included the content into their curricula.

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Marketing Lessons for Your Start-Up: 3 Success Stories

Many entrepreneurs make one of two fatal mistakes early in their company's history: Either they believe their product can stand on its own without a formal marketing strategy, or they spend far too much of their fragile budget on an expensive marketing campaign that delivers only modest returns.

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Cinco lições de startups para beneficiar grandes empresas

No mundo dinâmico, digital e transformador, a inovação aberta é a melhor maneira de se manter vivo e competitivo no mercado corporativo.

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IT projects to resume in Brazil in 2017

Brazilian organizations will resume IT projects in areas such as digital transformations and security after a period of recession-driven stagnation, according to the yearly predictions for the country by analyst IDC.

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Brazil: A look into Latin America’s largest startup ecosystem

In September 2012, Forbes published a lengthy feature heralding Brazil’s arrival as “one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world.” At the time, the South American giant had been powering through a global recession, with growth rates that drew the envy even of its surging companions in

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Uber to invest more than $60 million in Sao Paulo support center

Ride-hailing service Uber inaugurated a support center in Brazil's biggest city on Tuesday with plans to invest 200 million reais ($62 million) and create 2,000 jobs, underscoring an aggressive growth strategy in Latin America's biggest nation.

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Brazil IT spend set to grow in 2017

The Brazilian IT industry is predicted to grow by 3.3 percent and generate revenues of R$76,1 million ($23,4 million) in 2017, according to an annual trends survey by Brazilian analyst firm IT4CIO.

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