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Brazilian jiu-jitsu legend graces Grafton

A hush of awe fell over the MD Mixed Martial Arts gym in Grafton as UFC Hall of famer Royce Gracie spoke to a room full of burgeoning martial artists.

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Brazil Chapecoense: Tributes paid to team as season ends

Tributes have been paid to the Chapecoense players who died in a plane crash in Colombia on the final day of the Brazilian football season.

The LaMia plane ran out of fuel and crashed near Medellin, killing 71 people, including most of the team.

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Hummels: Brazil are back on top

Mats Hummels, who played in Germany’s historic 7-1 thumping of Brazil, believes the five-time FIFA World Cup™ winners have re-established themselves as one of the best teams on the planet.

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After 11 days showcasing 23 different sports, the 2016 Paralympics have ended in Rio with a colourful closing ceremony.

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Paralympics 2016 opening ceremony: Rio reinvents the wheel as Brazil welcomes back the world in a technicolour haze

Superhuman endeavour, trials, tribulations and a steady dose of controversy. Just 19 days have passed since the tickertape was swept away on an Olympic Games which transfixed a global audience of billions.

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Rio Paralympics 2016: Low Ticket Sales Inspire 'Fill The Seats' Campaign To Send Brazilian Kids To The Games

An Olympics executive, two Paralympians and the band Coldplay have teamed up to promote an initiative to fill the seats at the upcoming Paralympic Games.

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Rio 2016 Had The Best TV Coverage Ever -- Only In Brazil, Though

If you are an Olympics fan and live in the United States, you may have been disappointed by NBC’s coverage of the event. Almost exclusive focus on Team USA with a one-sided, non-consulted preference for swimming, gymnastics and track and field do not qualify as an Olympics broadcast.

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In Quest Of The Olympic Spirit: The Olympic Flame Over Maracana

The term ‘Olympic Stadium’ designates a very distinct feature of real estate: it is a sports venue dedicated to the Olympic Games.

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After a dispiriting year, Brazil receives an Olympic lift

ALMOST invariably, the Olympic games put their host countries into a strange state of suspended animation. In ancient Greece wars paused and legal disputes were adjourned while athletes competed.

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Who needs money? Rio's Olympic opening ceremony had a conscience

Oh Rio, you sandbaggers you. For months, even years, we thought you couldn’t pull this off. We heard all about your many problems.

And then you give us an opening ceremony for the ages. What’s next, a problem-free Olympics?

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