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US-Brazil open-skies deal enters into force

The deal took effect after an exchange of diplomatic notes between the two governments on 21 May, says the regulator.

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Exodus of Venezuelans Overwhelms Northern Brazil

PACARAIMA, Brazil — Hundreds turn up each day, many arriving penniless and gaunt as they pass a tattered flag that signals they have reached the border.

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Tourist spending hits record high in January

Foreign tourist spending hit an all-time high for the month of January in Brazil, with travellers injecting US$ 779 million into the economy. It is the highest amount for at least the last 28 years (the period for which this specific data is available).

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Brazil offers e-visa to Americans in bid to increase tourism

Brazil is making it easier and cheaper for Americans to apply for a visa following a decline in the number of visitors from the U.S. in recent years.

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Brazil to issue electronic visas for tourists from four countries

By October this year, tourists visiting Brazil to discover our culture, history and natural beauty had already spent more than US$ 4.8 billion in the country.

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U.S. Citizens Can Soon Apply for E-Visas to Brazil

The idea of drinking a caipirinha on a white sand beach has helped make Brazil an attractive destination for vacationers—but reaching the South American country isn't the easiest.

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30 amazing facts about Brazil, home to a hidden mountain and a ghost town in the jungle

With the country celebrating 195 years of independence, here are a few fascinating facts about Brazil.

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São Thomé das Letras: Brazil’s Mystic Capital

Situated in Minas Gerais’ southern mountains, São Thomé das Letras attracts several tourists for a very peculiar reason: apart from its outstanding nature and historical heritage sites, the city is known as one of the seven energetic points of the Earth, being considered the mystic spot of Brazil

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Brazil's other wild place -- the Pantanal

Our boatman gets a radio call that a jaguar mother and two cubs have been spotted moving along a riverbank in the Pantanal wetlands of southern Brazil about 20 minutes from our present location.

But when we arrive, there's no sign of the big cats.

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Brazil planning to double visitors in five years

Brazil is home to the largest rainforest on Earth. It has miles of sandy, deserted beaches, and stunning flat-topped mountains. It invented samba and a devilish little drink called the caipirinha. It has massive reserves of native peoples and charming colonial towns built by the Portuguese.

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