Exports to China boost trade balance

Exports to China boost trade balance

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A long-standing trading partner, China has established itself as the most important market for Brazilian products. The country's interest in Brazilian raw materials has had a decisive role for Brazil's trade balance.

Brazil's foreign trade surplus is expected to end the year above US$ 60 billion, largely driven by trade with China. Exchanges with the Asian country added to US$ 18.2 billion in September, at least 30% of overall trade in year-to-date terms.

Brazil's best-selling product, crushed soybeans, has China as its main buyer: 78% of our crushed soybeans are sold to the country, representing US$ 18 billion of the US$ 23 billion exported to all countries in 2017.

It is another example of China's importance to the Brazilian trade balance. The country is among our largest importers and exporters, with soy, iron one, crude oil and pulp among the top exports on the Brazilian side.

On the other hand, most of our purchases from China are of technology-intensive products, such as printed circuits and telephone parts, receiver and transmitter parts and other manufactured goods. Read Full Article