President Obama’s Visit to Brazil

President Obama’s Visit to Brazil

Chamber Articles Category: Culture Post Date: 10/05/17 Source: Obama Foundation By: Bernadette Meehan
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On Thursday, October 5, President Obama will meet with young leaders in São Paulo to learn more about how they are making a positive difference in their communities — and how the Obama Foundation can ensure all young leaders have the tools and resources they need as they advance on their journey.

President Obama’s Meeting with Young Leaders in Brazil:

After many months of listening to your thoughts, suggestions, and hopes for what our Foundation will be, we launched our first slate of programs in September with the goal of inspiring and empowering people all over the world to engage in their communities. While we have launched the Obama Foundation Fellows program, our pilot training days have been announced, and our inaugural global Summit is set for the end of this month, it is important to President Obama, and to all of us, that we continue listening and learning from the amazing initiatives of those already working to create change around the world. In this way, our programs will continue to grow and develop as we learn from you.

Our initiatives are designed to spotlight individuals and projects around the world that are already making an impact, and connect people that are tackling challenges in their own communities. This Thursday, October 5th, President Obama will do just that—he will travel to São Paulo to meet with 11 young leaders from all over Brazil to discuss the specific issues their communities face and the solutions they are working on. His conversation with these young leaders will also focus on challenges that are universal, and how solutions can be translated to benefit emerging young leaders around the world.

Over the past few weeks, we have spent time getting to know these young leaders—their dreams for the future of Brazil, songs that remind them of home, people who have inspired them, and their favorite foods. I personally can’t wait to go to Brazil and have a plate of feijoada and fresh maracuja juice.

As always, I have been incredibly impressed by the young people we are getting to know around the world. People like Felipe Neves, who, after learning that his law school janitor’s daughter did not have proper facilities in her public school, decided to mobilize a cohort of his peers to go to schools in his community and volunteer to teach the students basic constitutional law, human rights, and civic rights. By exposing them to the importance of voting and participating in society, he has empowered them to demand improvements in their school. Read Full Article