Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce Announces New Executive Director

Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce Announces New Executive Director

Chamber Member News Post Date: 04/14/17 Source: Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. By: Executive Committee

April 14, 2017

Dear Members:

We would like to update you on recent management changes at the Chamber:

As previously announced, Alexandre Bettamio was elected President & Chairman of the Board following our Annual Membership Luncheon in February. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in Brazilian and American relations, and we look forward to his contribution to the Chamber’s primary mission of building greater understanding between Brazil and the United States.

In March, our Executive Director, James Rosenstein, informed us that he would be departing the Chamber at the end of the month. We would like to take this opportunity to thank James for the outstanding contributions he made to the Chamber during his tenure. His efforts to expand upon the Chamber’s programming and to further the relationship between our two great nations are widely recognized and appreciated.

It is not a simple task to replace the Executive Director, a full-time position responsible for overseeing the Chamber’s extensive calendar of events and activities. Our efforts began with a search throughout the Brazilian-American community for someone who is committed to the Chamber’s mission, is knowledgeable about its history, programs, and needs, and is known by the membership. With such a profile, the candidate could quickly and ably step into the position of Executive Director.

During our search, we learned that after seventeen years at Petrobras, Ted Helms was leaving the company. While at Petrobras, Ted was an active member of the Chamber, first as a member of the Board of Directors, then as President & Chairman of the Board, and most recently as Chairman of the Executive Committee. His background in Brazil and Latin America, and demonstrated commitment to the Chamber’s mission, matched the qualities we sought.

We subsequently offered Ted the position and he graciously accepted. We consider ourselves fortunate in finding someone of his background who is so familiar with the Chamber and are confident he will maintain and build upon the Chamber’s historical mission.

Ted’s email address is, and he may also be reached by phone at (212) 751-4691. Please feel free to reach out to him with your ideas and suggestions. The Chamber staff is dedicated to making the Chamber a resource that will benefit every member.


Sergio C. Pereira & J. Roberto David de Azevedo
Co-Chairmen, Executive Committee