Q&A w/ BTG Pactual: Making A Difference In LatAm

Q&A w/ BTG Pactual: Making A Difference In LatAm

Chamber Member News Post Date: 07/24/17 Source: Global Finance By: Eric Laursen

Allan Hadid, chief operating officer of BTG Pactual Asset Management, speaks with Global Finance about investment strategies, local presence and his firm’s unusual approach.

Global Finance: How do your investment offerings differ from other firms’?

Allan Hadid: Our products have been most focused on alpha-generating ideas; we have very few products that are long-only index funds or basic money market funds. We are always looking for different, out-of-the-box things that people didn’t pay attention to, or ways to extract alpha from a market misperception. We also offer real estate and infrastructure funds and even treasury bill investments. Our idea is to see where value is in the market, where we see alpha generating, but also to combine this vision with the needs of our clients.

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