Steven Kobre And Michael Kim, On Technology, Strategy, Luck, And Running A Firm Like A Business

Steven Kobre And Michael Kim, On Technology, Strategy, Luck, And Running A Firm Like A Business

Chamber Member News Post Date: 10/03/17 Source: Forbes By: David J. Parnell
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From its humble roots in a partner’s apartment kitchen, in just 14 years Kobre & Kim has expanded into nine offices with more than 100 attorneys. And by focusing exclusively on disputes and investigations while avoiding repeat clients to remain "conflict-free," the firm has become one of the go-to high-stakes international litigation boutiques on the market - particularly in the role of special counsel when other firms find themselves in conflict situations. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Steven Kobre and Michael Kim have pursued the vision of a firm that delivers high-caliber, client-focused services within untapped market niches. Today we hear from the two co-founders as they discuss the shared goals, values, and strategies that have created that vision and built the firm's success. Please see a revised and edited (for readability) version of our exchange below.

On the Origins of Kobre & Kim

Parnell: Let's start at the beginning and talk about the backstory to how this all came about. If you could, talk to me about the conversations that led up to making the decision to go out on your own.

Kobre: I'll start. Michael and I were both assisting US attorneys in the southern district here in Manhattan. For all intents and purposes, we met handling a case together involving a securities case; ultimately the case became the movie The Boiler Room, which is about the actual underlying conduct. At the end of the movie, the FBI comes in, and for all intents and purposes that’s usually when the prosecutors get involved. So, Michael and I regretted the fact that there was never a sequel. We were already picking out who was going to play us. But it never happened, so we figured we had to make a go of the law, and that's what got us here. Read Full Article