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Banco Bradesco was founded in 1943 as a commercial bank under the name “Banco Brasileiro de Descontos S.A.”. In 1948, we entered a period of intense expansion, which made us becoming Brazil’s largest commercial bank in the private sector at the end of the 1960s. We expanded our activities nationwide during the 1970s, conquering Brazilian urban and rural markets. In 1988, we incorporated our housing loan subsidiaries, our investment bank, and our finance company, making us a multiple bank and then we changed our name to Banco Bradesco S.A. We are one of Brazil’s largest private banks (non controlled by government) in terms of total assets. We provide a wide range of banking and financial products and services in Brazil and abroad to individuals, small to mid-sized companies and major local and international corporations and institutions. We have the most extensive private-sector branch and service network in Brazil, which permits us to reach a diverse customer base. Our services and products encompass banking operations such as lending and deposit-taking, credit card issuance, consortiums, insurance, leasing, payment collection and processing, pension plans, asset management and brokerage services. According to information published by the Superintendência de Seguros Privados (the Superintendency of Private Insurance, which is known as “SUSEP”) and by the Agência Nacional de Saúde Suplementar (the National Agency of Supplemental Health, known as “ANS”), we are the largest insurance, pension plan and títulos de capitalização provider in Brazil on a consolidated basis in terms of insurance premiums, pension plan contributions and income from certificated savings plans. At the end of 2008, the balance of the Bradesco Organization’s savings accounts totaled R$37.8 billion, a 15.1% growth compared to December 2007, representing an 18.0% market share in the SBPE and securing Bradesco’s leadership among all private banks in the Brazilian financial system. The Bank is extremely active in the area of social and environmental responsibility through the Fundação Bradesco.This foundation is directed at educating children, young people and adults and provides free education to more than 108,000 pupils in 40 schools located in every Brazilian state and the Federal District. Bradesco also takes part in diversified social and environmental initiatives involving culture, the environment, sport, education, information and citizenship rights.
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