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Petrobras’ history parallels the history of Brazilian oil itself. The company entered the 21st century facing challenges efficiently and proactively, and has positioned itself for continued robust growth. Petróleo Brasileiro S/A is: - An integrated company that performs oil and oil byproduct exploration, production, refining, marketing, and transportation, both in Brazil and abroad; - An energy company with a huge social responsibility and one that is deeply concerned with environmental preservation; - A company that boasts countless records in the energy sector and has earned strong international recognition; More than 100 production platforms, sixteen refineries, 30,000 kilometers of ducts and more than 6,000 gas stations. Wherever you go in Brazil, Petrobras’ strong presence becomes readily apparent, contributing to the nation's continued development. Petrobras is headquartered in the city of Rio de Janeiro, and has offices and administration managers in major Brazilian cities, such as Salvador, Brasilia and São Paulo. Given the new highly competitive scenario of the energy industry, Petrobras has taken a new stance toward the future, using the most modern management tools. This new stance is helping the company achieve its strategic goals of growth, internationalization, profitability and productivity. And Petrobras is also present in other countries, namely Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Nigeria, and the United States, as well as having the support of its overseas offices in New York and Japan.
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