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39 West 14th Street, #503
New York, NY 10011
United States

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LabPop Group is a marketing, event management and publishing company that operates five units: LabPop Agency, Music Buzz, Futebol 360, MPM Neto Publishing, and Gema Custom Mags.  Formed in 2010, LabPop Agency excels in many areas of communication such as media relations, video production, crisis management, and content creation for magazines and newspapers.The company excels in the communications market by bringing together concepts that combine qualitative research and social networking strategies that include guerrilla marketing and ad management (Google Ads, Facebook Ads). Music Buzz focuses on all angles of the music business by selling shows, representing artists, producing tours and providing marketing advice to new talents.  Music Buzz's cast of artists cater to various formats. Providing 360-degree coverage with press relations, marketing, radio and TV dissemination and a muscular sales team, Music Buzz is the premier company in Brazil for Brazilian artists and bands touring in the United States and, for American stars, Music Buzz is a bridge to Brazil. Futebol 360 took the field with widespread results and is now seeking new markets. The growth of soccer in the United States has led the company to bring it's expertise to the table with a multitude of concepts for sports marketing. The company encompasses athlete negotiations, football management and marketing, sponsorship negotiations, communications and event production, all based on the expertise of its executives. Specializing in biographies, MPM Neto Publishing's mission is to release the work of Brazilian authors in the United States and American authors in Brazil. Iconic, controversial and historical characters define the company's brand. MPM Neto promotes biographies in the areas of politics, music, film, TV, theater, and sports with specialized treatment, ambitious advertising and efficient distribution in bookstores and digital formats. Customizing magazines and condensing information with sophistication and efficiency is the mission of Gema Custom Mags.  Gema works as a strategic compass for disseminating information directly to the target audience with accurate material using creative and attractive designs.  Content production, art creation, layout design, consulting and distribution are key services offered by Gema, a standout company in the field of magazine publishing.  
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