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THE AMERICAN BRAZILIAN OPEN ARMS FOUNDATION was founded on January 08, 2013 in The United States of America. At the same year, the foundation implemented its by-laws in accordance to the American laws. It is located at 4 West 43rd Street, suite 611, 6th floor, in Manhattan, in New York City. Pedro Ferreira da Silva (69 years old) and his wife Olga Maria da Silva (60 years old) are the founders of the foundation. Pedro and Olga are citizens of Brazil with residency in NYC. The couple had always desired to dedicate their time caring for human-beings in need. Their main objective is to provide financial relief and support to people in distress and families in need, especially the ones, that are not receiving any government assistance. In 2013, upon receiving the federal status of nonprofit foundation in USA, American Brazilian Open Arms Foundation opened a division of its aid services in Pernambuco in the Northeast region of Brazil. By 2015, the foundation was granted a status of nonprofit working foundation in Brazil, due to relevant services provided to assist the local community. The foundation is still working on important projects to improve the lives of the forgotten ones in the rural area of Pernambuco State. The A.B.O.A.F. Sao Paulo was created in 2015 to operate under the umbrella of the Brazilian structure. The Sao Paulo chapter has two very important ongoing projects. The first one provides food ration for an average of 300 low income families in the city of Mogi das Cruzes in Sao Paulo State on a monthly basis schedule. The second ongoing project, entitled Athletes of the future, has projects related to sports. The activities are in a straight line related to improving the lives of homeless and low income children.   They learn Brazilian soccer and spend their free time in the club practicing lots of sports which will allow them to grow up in a much healthy environment. The Sao Paulo Chapter is fundraising constantly in order to develop more programs catered to this population. Finally, on March 2017, A.B.O.A.F. received the tax-exempt number for the State of New York. A.B.O.A.F. USA-BRAZIL (American Brazilian Open Arms Foundation) directs its financial resources to support ongoing and new projects with a clear vision of benefiting the community throughout its social agenda and philanthropic programs. The enhancement of everyone’s quality of life is a statement of the core mission of the foundation. We condemn any type of discrimination and in being truthful to our mission we give care and assistance to all in need regardless of state, language, political and social creed, gender, religion, age, ethnic and racial background. We wish to contribute to the inclusion of street dwellers back in society. We develop essential programs to reintegrate these groups in distress back to their communities providing socially and financially for themselves. We focus on the development of programs involving members of families, because we consider the notion of family to be one of the pillars of a Democratic society. A vast variety of activities in Education, Arts, Culture, Sports, Health and general assistance is created to attend specific needs of children, adults and seniors providing continuity of personal and social development to all human-being in need. The assurance of their success and happiness is our reward.
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