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We are the first Sound Branding Agency in Latin America, with unique  methodology  and great success in the Brazilian market. We create sound identity for brands, ​as well as their musical and artistic identities, through a consistent process of branding. Its result can be applied in all points of contact: from  TV advertisements to websites, from stores to phone`s standby messages, from mobile devices to events. We focus on affectively connecting brands with people through the sense of hearing and thus increasing their presence in the world and brand loyalty at the point of purchase. Our clients include: Infraero (63 airports in Brazil), Vivo (the biggest telecommunication company in Brazil), Bank of Brasil, Ita​u Bank, Cacau Show (2057 stores all over Brazil), Ponto Frio (eletrodomestics) and many other brands and stores.
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SOUND BRANDING: Creation of sound identity for brands through ​a music theme, sound logo and voice, that can be applied from TV  Ads to mobile devices. MUSIC BRANDING: Creation of music identity for brands through playlists, that can be applied on stores, ​at events and ​on the web. ARTISTIC BRANDING: ​Creation of artistic identity for brands through licencing, events and music projects.