Americas Market Intelligence Releases Comprehensive New Guide for Brazilian E-Commerce Market

Americas Market Intelligence Releases Comprehensive New Guide for Brazilian E-Commerce Market

Chamber Articles Category: Procurement Opportunities Post Date: 10/12/16 Source: PR Newswire By: PR Newswire
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Americas Market Intelligence—the premier strategic market intelligence firm for Latin America—has released a far-reaching new e-commerce guide for merchants that wish to maximize their returns from the Brazilian e-commerce market.

Entitled Optimizing E-Commerce Payments in Brazil, this 72-page market report offers practical, granular guidance for merchants and payment processors targeting the Brazilian market. While Brazil accounts for 60% of all e-commerce in Latin America, significant challenges await companies who go into the market without the crucial details needed to be successful. Key data points found in the report include:

- E-commerce in Brazil is set to grow by 15% in 2016 despite the economic recession affecting the country
- The overall e-commerce market size for Brazil is $23 billion—three times that of Mexico, the second-largest e-commerce market in Latin America
- Despite this robust market, without a local payment strategy, merchants only reach 17% of Brazil's total addressable e-commerce market
- Non-card payment methods represent 23% of all Brazilian e-commerce sales, and 58% of e-commerce volume in Brazil is purchased using an installment plan

"Merchants face a number of challenges when going into Brazil's lucrative e-commerce market," explains Lindsay Lehr, Senior Director of the Payments practice at Americas Market Intelligence and author of the report. "Only 20% of Brazil's credit cards are enabled for international use, which is a major problem for merchants using an offshore payments approach. Merchants need to replicate the Brazilian shopping experience as much as possible to cater to Brazilian customers," explains Lehr. Read Full Article