Azul and LATAM await US-Brazil open-skies

Azul and LATAM await US-Brazil open-skies

Chamber Articles Category: Industry News Post Date: 02/02/18 Source: FLIGHTGLOBAL By: GHIM-LAY YEO
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Azul and LATAM Airlines Brazil are eagerly awaiting US-Brazil open-skies in order to move ahead with anticipated joint ventures, even as the jury is still out on when the long-anticipated accord would finally be implemented.

"Open skies will inevitably get approved. We want to work closely with United [Airlines] for a joint venture," Azul chief executive John Rodgerson tells FlightGlobal in an interview.

Both airlines are codeshare partners, and also offer reciprocal frequent flyer benefits. United invested $100 million in Azul in 2015, and has expressed intentions to deepen its relationship with the Brazilian carrier.

US-Brazil open-skies was initially planned for implementation in October 2015, but lack of approval in Brazil's congress has held up the process. In late 2017, the pact cleared the lower house of Brazil's legislature but now requires approval by the senate before going to the country's president for a signature.

Given the long wait for open skies, Brazil's airline executives are reluctant to pin down an exact date for when they think the deal could finally go into effect. Read Full Article