Brazil is changing and creating more dialogue with society

Brazil is changing and creating more dialogue with society

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In his remarks during an official lunch offered by the Brazilian government at the Itamaraty Palace (headquarters of the Brazilian Foreign Ministry), President Michel Temer said that the visit by Bolivian President Evo Morales comes at a time when Brazil is experiencing a moment of change and renewed dialogue with congress and society. Morales was received at the Presidential Palace before the lunch for an expanded bilateral meeting and the official signing of agreements between the two countries.

“You are visiting Brazil at a time of profound changes. We are in intense dialogue with congress and society regarding the adequacy of our social security rules. [...] It is a fundamental issue for all Brazilians," said Temer.

Currently under debate in National Congress, the pension reform bill would establish a gradual implementation of new retirement rules, guaranteeing the rights of Brazilians close to retirement and also of the poorest. For Temer, the reform has in its essence the fight against privileges.

"More than 65%, 70% of the Brazilian population receives from one to two minimum wages during retirement, three at the most, and nothing changes regarding those pensions," he reassured. Read Full Article