Brazil to issue electronic visas for tourists from four countries

Brazil to issue electronic visas for tourists from four countries

Chamber Articles Category: Tourism Post Date: 12/20/17 Source: BrazilGovNews By: BrazilGovNews
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By October this year, tourists visiting Brazil to discover our culture, history and natural beauty had already spent more than US$ 4.8 billion in the country. To further strengthen Brazilian tourism, visitors from Australia, Japan, Canada and the United States will soon have their entry simplified with electronic visas.

The new system has already been issuing permits for Australians since 21 November, and the rollout will now continue with Japan (11 January), Canada (18 January) and the United States (January 25). The choice of countries was due to passenger flows: together, the four are responsible for 60% of all visa applications for Brazil. A total 400,000 tourism or business visas were issued to tourists from those countries in 2015 alone.

The initiative was proposed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE), which relied on the support of the Ministry of Tourism (MT) for publicity of the measure abroad. The simplified visa system is expected to lead to increased inflows of tourists and (consequently) tourist spending, which in turn helps create jobs and income in Brazil.

“Before, tourists had to take all their documentation and bring it to the Brazilian consulate, and it would take 30 to 40 days to receive the visa. With the electronic visa, you upload the documents online and receive the permit in 72 hours," explained the head of the International Relations Office of the Ministry of Tourism, Rafael Luisi.

Tourists will also no longer be required to travel to the nearest Brazilian consulate, and visa issuance has also become cheaper: in the United States, for example, the cost will drop from US$ 250 to US$ 40. Read Full Article