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The legal and economic scenario for tourism investments in the Brazilian Northeast

In the last ten years, Brazil has become one of the most promising economies in regards to foreign investment.

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Brazil as a Top Tourist Destination: Making Giant Steps in the US Market

Brazilian tourism welcomed 2008 by celebrating a record: US$ 4.953 billion entered the country’s economy through the expenditures of nearly five million foreign tourists that chose Brazil as their destination last year.

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Feed People, Fuel Economies, and Foster Stewardship

The United States and Brazil have a chance to create a partnership to confront a new global challenge: the rising price of food in the face of new demands for food stocks.

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Medical Travel: An Unexplored Opportunity for Brazil

A number of factors point toward rapid growth of the
industry in coming years, among them: an increasing need for medical care
associated with the aging of world and U.S. populations; a growing demand for

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Examining Sustainability amid Tourism Growth in the Costa dos Coqueiros

The Costa dos Coqueiros, or Coconut Coast, the 120-mile stretch of coastline stretching from the northern edge of Salvador to Bahia’s border with Sergipe, is a hotspot for Brazilian tourism growth.  Based on land acquisitions and planned projects, the hotel supply is set to potentially increase f

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