Entrepreneurs defend pension reform

Entrepreneurs defend pension reform

Chamber Articles Category: Legal Updates Post Date: 12/20/17 Source: BrazilGovNews By: BrazilGovNews
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Leaders from major productive segments of the country met with President Michel Temer to declare their support for Pension Reform and call for urgent action to approve the bill.

During the meeting, leaders of important sectors highlighted that reform is essential for the continuity of growth and for the country to keep creating more jobs.

Robson Andrade, president of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI), said that if Brazil does not approve the reform, states and municipalities will face severe financial difficulties, greater than those experienced today.

“This reform, as it is now, can create savings of around R$ 600 billion," he said. "Just ponder how much that would represent for hospitals, schools, infrastructure. It is an important amount for a country that has had few resources," he argued.

According to Antônio Megale, president of the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers (Anfavea), this is one of many reforms that create a more conducive business environment for the country. "This reform needs to be done now. The sooner it comes, the better for all of us," he said. Read Full Article