Egypt greenlights exports from 42 plants in Brazil

São Paulo – Egypt has accredited 42 new Brazilian companies to export meat to its market. The plants are 15 beef packers and 27 poultry packers that can now sell to the Arab country after Egypt’s General Organization for Veterinary Services issued the accreditation on March 31.

The agricultural attaché of the Embassy of Brazil to Cairo, Cesar Simas Teles, told ANBA the Arab country has also renewed the accreditation of 95 exporters that were already in the marketing, including 82 bovine slaughterhouses. According to Teles, the negotiation for the new accreditations involved the Secretariat of Trade and Foreign Relations and the Secretariat of Agricultural Defense of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, as well as Brazil’s Embassy in Egypt and Egyptian health offices.


By Thais Sousa via Brazil-Arab News Agency


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