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As we race to the 2022 presidential and general elections, jockeying for positions of potential candidates is well underway, both at the party and individual levels. The Chamber has the honor of hosting 34th President of Brazil Fernando Henrique Cardoso to discuss these and other eventualities. Dr. Cardoso, after a long academic and political career, was elected President in 1994 and served two terms, from 1995 to 2002. He oversaw the consolidation of the Real Plan, organized a massive privatization program, and guided Brazil through very turbulent times. He remains a key figure in national politics and is one of the main strategists for the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB). He recently published the latest of several books – An Intellectual in Politics: A Memoir (Um Intelectual na Política: Memórias). Please join us for this valuable discussion with His Excellency Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

This webinar will be moderated by Brian Winter, Vice President at Americas Society/Council of the Americas.

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