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The Brazilian economy and markets are moving in 4Q 2020 and, although things are clearer now, there are still large uncertainties about the recovery and the weakening of the virus. Many projects were put on hold – including fiscal adjustment, tax reform, and the privatization program – to focus policy on temporarily alleviating the worst economic effects of the pandemic. The question now is when and how successfully the government will make needed reforms. Other issues, such as GSE, have taken a backseat to the economic emergency. All of this has ramifications for the markets and vice-versa. We brought together a broad array of specialists to speak on these subjects. Our first keynote speaker, to present on day one, was President Gustavo Montezano. He looked at policies to alleviate economic harm and a return to asset sales. Then we had a two-part panel looking at the economic and political outlook. Of concern is the path of the public debt and how it will perform under possible fiscal scenarios, one of which has already caused market stress. The panel included several notable economists and analysts from the financial system and academia that Director Paulo Viera da Cunha moderated. Presenting on day two, our second keynote speaker, Haim Israel, Managing Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Global Strategist, gave a broad worldview of these issues. Please join us for these discussions.

Tuesday, October 20th

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Alexei Remizov,
Head of Latin America DCM & Financial Solutions Americas, HSBC

Keynote Speaker:
H.E. Gustavo Montezano
, President, BNDES

Economic and Political Panel

Paulo Vieira da Cunha, Partner, Verbank Consulting, LLC

José Carlos Carvalho, Partner, Economics Department, Vinci Partners

Christopher Garman, Managing Director for the Americas, Eurasia Group

Marcelo Kfoury, Professor of Economics, FGV-EESP

Zeina Latif, Consultant, Gibraltar Consultoria

Lisa Schineller, Managing Director, S&P Global Rating

Roberto Secemski, Brazil Economist, Barclays

Daniel Tenengauzer, Chief Economist, BNYMellon

Wednesday, October 21st

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John H. Welch, Executive Director, Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce

Keynote Speaker:
Haim Israel, Managing Director and Global Strategist, Bank of America Merrill Lynch


A Pauta Ambiental Será o Grande Risco ao Brasil num Governo Biden – Christopher Garman

Sovereign Ratings – Lisa Schineller

Presentation BACC – Marcelo Kfoury FGV EESP

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