About the event

Brazil’s economic and social future will be built on the foundations of human capital.  A strong foundation is a must if Brazil is to achieve higher economic growth and reduced inequality.

The dimensions of human capital are synergistic and developed over a lifetime, with critical building blocks formed from early childhood.  The chamber hosted a discussion with Flavio Cunha and Saulo Barreto who are at the forefront of developing social technologies based on theoretical and empirical understandings of human capital development. Specifically, they discussed what is known about the impact that institutions, education, and societal bonds have on individuals during early childhood and adolescence, and how they influence human capital over a lifetime.

Following the discussion the Research Institute for Innovation and Technology (IPTI) held an exhibition detailing some of the Social Technologies they have developed, and their potential for application throughout Brazil and other countries.   Three of the projects to be discussed will feature the role of AmBev/ABI and its support in the development of new technologies.


Saulo Barreto, Co-Founder, IPTI


Flavio Cunha, Professor of Economics, Rice University



12:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Registration, light lunch, Networking and Presentations

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm



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