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The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Fundação Dom Cabral brought you the 5th edition of our webinar series “Surviving COVID-19.” The drop in world trade and income due to COVID-19: How long will this continue? What will happen to the international trading system after the pandemic passes? We now have a better idea of how the pandemic has disrupted international trade and investment and its immediate destruction. The question now is how the international trade and world economies will evolve and what are the implications for globalization. The fifth installment of our series Surviving COVID-19 returned to this subject, but with a panel of renowned economists to consider the evolving implications for trade, growth and investment globally and in Brazil. Issues include the evolution of R&D, trade, and healthcare innovation. The panel explored the extent of healthcare innovation in the world, the condition of supply chains, and the implications of the rise in protectionist measures like export controls. The panel also explored the implications for exchange rates in Brazil, Latin America, and the world.


Dr. Carlos A. Primo Braga, Associate Professor, Fundação Dom Cabral

Dr. Douglas Lippoldt, Chief Trade Economist, HSBC

Laura Siegel Rabinowitz
, Shareholder, International Trade Practice, Greenberg Traurig, LLP

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