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Brazil’s tax system is notoriously complex and unpredictable, leading to enormous compliance costs and massive tax contingencies.  With pension reform nearing completion, tax reform is the next major item on the Government’s path to economic reform.

Our panel discussion identified the key issues behind Brazil’s tax complexity, and why tax reform is so necessary.  The panel reviewed the laws and constitutional amendments being proposed, including differences in the proposals of Congress and the Bolsonaro administration.  Finally, the panel considered the corporate viewpoint of Brazilian taxes and tax reform as well as the key political factors behind the expected timing and ultimate shape of the reforms.



Glaucia Maria Lauletta Frascino, Partner, Mattos Filho Advogados

Luiz Felipe FerrazPartner, Mattos Filho Advogados

Ana Malvestio, Partner, PwC

Richard Back, Political Analyst, XP Investimentos


Tax Reform in Brazil A Primer

Brazilian Tax Reform

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