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Not-for-profit (NFP) institutions are part of the first line of defense and help in the struggle with COVID-19. In normal times, NFPs work in a highly uncertain environment both on the funding side but also in providing needed education, healthcare, housing, and sustenance to those most vulnerable. During this pandemic, uncertainty on all fronts has jumped by orders of magnitude. Our sixth installment of the Surviving COVID-19 webinar series brought experienced NFP representatives that have vast experience in all aspects of helping the most vulnerable in Latin America, in Brazil, and in the United States.


Saulo F.A. Barretto, Ph.D., Co-Founder, Institute of Research in Technology and Innovation (IPTI)

Christina Mellace, Executive Director, The Resource Foundation

Rebecca Reichmann Tavares, Ed.D., President & CEO, BrazilFoundation

Sylvia Welch, Ph.D., Consulting Grant Writer and Development Specialist


Meet our partners on this webinar:

The Resource Foundation



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