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We had an open discussion with Luiza Helena Trajano, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Magazine Luiza. Ms. Trajano was the first to introduce online credit purchases in Brazil, making her a leading entrepreneur and innovator. Consequently, Magazine Luiza leapt to the forefront of the Brazilian retail industry. Outside of Magazine Luiza, Ms. Trajano is a major consultant at institutions such as UNICEF and the UN Population Fund in Brazil. In 2018, she served as Co-Chair of the World Economic Forum on Latin America. Since 2013, Ms. Trajano has led Grupo Mulheres do Brasil, which today has tens of thousands of participants in Brazil and abroad, especially New York. The group meets every month to plan initiatives concerning education, entrepreneurship, social projects, innovation, diversity, and gender equality in the workplace. Ms. Trajano is also the Brazilian recipient of the 2020 Person of the Year Awards.


Luiza Helena Trajano
Chairwoman of the Board of Directors
Magazine Luiza

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