Global Annual Review 2022 | A Year of Solving Together

Welcome to our 2022 Global Annual Review, ‘A Year of Solving Together.’

This is the story of how PwC’s global network of nearly 328,000 people – our community of solvers – managed the challenges and opportunities of the last 12 months and helped our clients and stakeholders navigate a successful path forward.

This year, the war in Ukraine, the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, rising inflation, an energy crisis, supply chain disruption and the pressing need to address climate change have combined to produce the most difficult set of global circumstances in my career. Managing such tough global challenges is possible only when we come together: when people with diverse skills combine forces to solve complex problems, and when business steps up to take responsibility for its impact on the society of which it is an inseparable part.

I’m so proud of the work that our talented community of solvers has delivered around the world this year to support our clients and to make positive contributions to the society we all share. I would like to thank each and every one of them for their hard work, enthusiasm and perseverance. Our people, and the wide range of skills and experiences they bring to work every day, are the engine of our success.

By Bob Moritz via PwC

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