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Alcides e Rosaura Diniz Foundation – ARD Foundation is a Public Charity 501 C 3 with the status of tax exemption which mission is to raise funds for cancer research - focused on identifying genetic causes of specific cancers, understanding how genetics contribute to the disease, and using that understanding to help develop better prevention and treatment strategies. We believe that through the use of genomics and immunotherapy we will be able to not only promote the early detection and diagnoses of neoplasms, but also develop top of the line technologies to treat cancer effectively. ARD Foundation’s mission is to fund oncology research focused on the following areas: Genomics as a focus for development of new techniques to detect neoplasms, and the development of new therapies. We want to promote and reduce the cost of genetic sequencing with the hopes of improving early detection and diagnoses as well as the discovery of genetic mutations in the neoplastic cells that make it possible for the development of new treatments against certain specific mutations. Immunotherapy that stimulates and trains the patience’s own immune system to fight against the cancer cells. The CAR-T cells are the patient’s own lymphocytes T (natural defense cells) that are genetically altered in a lab to gain receptors that detect and attack the tumor.  In other words, using genetic engineering, certain genes are inserted in the patient’s defense cells and those cells are transformed into “guided missiles” that detect and destroy the neoplastic cells. The ARD Foundation was created on January of 2017, and in ten months we already achieved the following: -Help in the purchase of a machine RetCan,  that diagnoses retinoblastoma for a hospital in Minas Gerais, Brazil. -Partnered with the Laboratório Recepta Biopharma in São Paulo, where we will help finance research so that in the future those in need can have better access to treatment at a reasonable cost. -The donation of funds for Dr. Reiner Brentjens’ CAR-T cells research at the MSKCC and for Dr. Karina Eterovic’s pediatric brain tumor research and development and implementation of a new immune-oncology assay in her at the MD Anderson.   The vision of the ARD Foundation is that high-impact breakthrough and game-changing discoveries in genomic and immunotherapy will lead to successful cancer prevention and treatment for everyone, everywhere.
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