Business Traveler Deals, Inc.

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Business Traveler Deals, Inc. is an innovative Travel Management Company (TMC) which combines solid business expertise and excellence in corporate service under a low-cost-to-serve business model, to maximize the savings for their loyal clients. By engaging key business travelers with the power to influence their trips, bTd targets Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) and some large corporations with flexible travel policies based on lowest-logical-fares or self-service bookings. The international travel market for SME is very fragmented and unserved by traditional travel agencies, which still operate with high cost-to-serve and lack of technology, charging high booking fees and penalties for business travelers and their corporations. And this market is still a challenge for travel suppliers, specially for airlines, to approach and build relationship, create value and sustain loyalty. bTd is an effective route-to-market for travel suppliers to create sustainable value for the international SME and selected large corporations. Powered by a comprehensive booking engine, web services and high-quality service from corporate specialists, bTd educates business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate executives to use the best practices in corporate travel and to save money in both their business and leisure trips. Its shareholders and main executives – Joao de Matos (President) and Manoel Suhet (CEO) are the perfect match as they combine successful track-records with over 39 years in travel in the US plus over 20 years of a solid international business and technology expertise in global corporations. Business Traveler Deals is a strategic marketplace where committed travel suppliers meet and can generate value and loyalty from selective high-yield corporate and leisure travelers.
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