André Valverde

Date: 07.08.2021

Professional Category: Economy/Finance


A native New Yorker, André possesses over 20 years of experience in the domestic and international capital markets. Mr. Valverde is a former senior executive of the strategic and financial advisory staff of Olimpia Partners and Arion Capital in São Paulo and of Violy, Byorum & Partners in New York. His experience includes complex financial, operational and shareholder restructurings of leading companies in Brazil, including the Rio de Janeiro subway concessionaire, an asset that at the time was held by Citibank Venture Capital. Mr. Valverde's experience is broad, as he also has acted as a financial executive (CFO/IR) or CRO in a diverse range of sectors, such as infrastructure energy, retail, agribusiness and consumer products. André has served on the Committee for Management and Finance of the Brazilian chapter of the Turnaround Management Association and is a member of the American Society of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. André holds a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Columbia University. André Valverde Dual US/Brazilian Citizenship; 46 years old (646) 583-0606 OBJECTIVE: LEADERSHIP POSITION IN FINANCE AND/OR INVESTOR RELATIONS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS · Dynamic, versatile executive with record of conception & execution of out-of-the-box solutions to C-level challenges. · Possess 20 years’ combined experience in financial management and investor relations, corporate development, with foundation in M&A on Wall Street and in Latin America. · Equity capital raising via private placements or IPO, in addition to debt capital raising with private or public institutions to finance expansion plans. · Relentless focus on value creation through implementation of processes, internal controls and performance indicators. · Endowed with leadership and communications skills to galvanize teams to achieve outstanding results subject to the pressure imposed by private equity/institutional investors for above average financial performance. · Accomplished record of value creation as executive in multiple industries, company sizes and stages of the life cycle. · Strong academic background: B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Columbia University. · Native English and Portuguese; Advanced Spanish; Competent French PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AS TRANSITION MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT (2002 – 2005) Chief Financial Officer, Strategic Planning and M&A; Helios (12 month contract; 9/04 – 9/05) Director of FP&A, Strategic Planning and M&A; Othon Hotels (12 month contract; 9/03 – 9/04) Director of FP&A, Strategic Planning and M&A; Gazeta Mercantil (18 month contract; 1/02 – 8/03) PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE (NEW YORK CITY; 1994-2001) Violy, Byorum & Partners (Actual Violy & Co.); Analyst, M&A Advisory 1998 – 2001 Colgate Palmolive; Trainee in Marketing, Market Research and Consumer Affairs 1994 – 1997

Professional experience

Electricité de France - 02.2017 until now - 7 years and 5 months

Électricité de France – Brasil (Sinop Energy Co.), Head of Investor Relations 2/17 – 8/19; 9/20 – Actual Large-scale hydroelectric plant (402MW capacity) in Latin America controlled by Electricité de France; US$950m investment · Achieved challenging target of operationalizing greenfield IR infrastructure and reporting tools within 30 days from hire. · IPO (June/17) conducted 60 days earlier than scheduled through aggressive coordination of finance & legal teams. · Supported US$70m structured debt capital market issuance (July/18) in midst of challenging macroeconomic and operational conditions. · Successfully coordinated negotiations under challenging circumstances to obtain 3 waivers from leading Brazilian institutional fixed income investors in the Company's infrastructure bonds and the BNDES. · Primary responsibilities include: – Compliance management and financial reporting, including preparation of the financial statements & MD&A; – Responsible for FP&A and monthly presentations to senior management and the Board of Directors; and – Relationship management with creditors (institutional investors in infrastructure bonds & BNDES).

UISA (Usinas Itamaraty) - 08.2019 until 04.2020 - 8 months

UISA (Usinas Itamarati), Director of the Comprotollership and Corporate Development; 8/19 – 4/20 Largest sugar and ethanol producer in the State of MT, with 2019/20 net revenues and EBITDA of ~R$900m and ~R$320m · Implemented significant upgrade in financial controls and reports which made access to capital markets possible (CRA); · Primary responsibilities include: – Compliance management and financial reporting, including preparation of the financial statements & MD&A; – Responsible for FP&A and monthly presentations to senior management and the Board of Directors; and – Management of special initiatives of interest to the Board of Directors (Control of “Follow Ups” at the Board Level, etc.). · Note: Directorship was eliminated due to cost savings initiatives in light of adverse market conditions.

Mubadala Investment Company - 12.2017 until 03.2018 - 3 months

Mubadala Investment Company, M&A Consultant to Head of Private Equity – Latin America; 12/17 – 3/18 Sovereign investment fund of Abu Dhabi (AUM US$128 billion); Latin American holdings valued at US$4 billion · Met aggressive deadline to conduct operational, financial & legal due diligence of renewable energy target (EV: US$500m) · Note: Acquisition aborted by Mubadala due to financial terms proposed by the selling party and related circumstances. Refit Oil Refinery, Head of Investor Relations 10/15 – 2/17 Middle market oil refinery (15,000 barrels/day capacity) in Latin America; publicly listed with Equity Value of ~US$180m · Conceived and executed reconciliation strategy with activist minority shareholders, including corporate communications campaign that contributed to stock price increase of 167% during tenure. · Supported internal initiatives that contributed to emergence from bankruptcy protection in 4th Quarter 2016. · Developed business plan to diversify operations into the O&G multimodal logistics sector, including potential financing alternatives for US$350 million proposed investment project. · Primary responsibilities included: – Compliance management and financial reporting, including preparation of the financial statements & MD&A; – Responsible for FP&A and monthly presentations to senior management and the Board of Directors; – Leadership of and presentations at the annual shareholder’s meeting; and – Elaboration of strategic and tactical market studies of the local and international oil & gas industry.

The Baby Food Emporium - 10.2014 until 09.2015 - 10 months

The Baby Food Emporium, Chief Restructuring Officer (1-year consulting contract) 10/14 – 9/15 Founded in 2008, a pioneer in the production and distribution of organic, flash frozen food for children; startup (EV: US$3m) · During a severe liquidity crisis, rapidly implemented an operational restructuring resulting in breakeven within 90 days. · Project outcome was a successful round of capital raising (equity and debt) to finance the expansion of installed capacity and develop two new distribution channels: mass market retailers and e-commerce sales directly to consumers.

RHMED - 02.2013 until 08.2014 - 1 years and 6 months

RHMED, Chief Financial Officer 2/13 – 8/14 Largest Brazilian Occupational Safety & Health Services firm (OSH); owned by Axxon PE Fund, with ~US$100m Equity Value · Led post-investment transition of governance and assumed oversight of Accounting, Cost, Budgeting, Tax, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Treasury, Legal, Procurement, M&A, Strategic Planning and Reporting to Board of Directors. · Primary responsibilities included: – In conjunction with Executive Committee members: (i) oversight of the review of and the adjustments to the company's proprietary operating software (US$4m investment in RHMED’s key tangible asset); (ii) design and implementation of new organizational structure; and (iii) design and implementation of new strategic plan; – Design and leadership of geographical expansion strategy through M&A and Greenfield; – Development and implementation of methodology to evaluate profitability of key contracts/clients.

Arion Capital - 01.2012 until 12.2012 - 11 months

Arion Capital, Director, Financial/M&A Advisory and Proprietary Investments 1/12 – 12/12 Merchant bank focused on Special Situations Investments and complex M&A advisory · Primary responsibilities included: – Oversight of senior management and financial performance at investments in the asset management portfolio; – Development and leadership of pitches and new business opportunities, serving as the lead execution professional on engagements and originating and building relationships to secure new business and market the firm’s services; – Responsible for coverage of and development of relationships with broad range of stakeholders in the financial markets; – Assignments included purchase and sale of public & private companies, capital raising, fairness opinions, recaps and general advisory assignments; experienced in middle market transactions; deal list available upon request.

Olimpia Partners - 04.2011 until 12.2011 - 8 months

Olimpia Partners, Director, Financial/M&A Advisory and Proprietary Investments 4/11 – 12/11 Merchant bank focused on Special Situations Investments and complex M&A advisory – Oversight of senior management and performance of the asset management portfolio and execution of select M&A projects; Rio de Janeiro Subway Concessionaire, Head of Finance, Accounting and FP&A 9/05 – 11/09 Largest privately-owned rail-based mass transit operator; owned by Citibank Venture Capital, with ~US$680m Equity Value · Led transition of governance and assumed management of Accounting, Cost, Budgeting, Tax, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Treasury, M&A, Business Development, Strategic Planning and Reporting to Board of Directors and local SEC. · Upgraded principal management processes & controls of: Accounts Receivable (including implementation of a new passenger ticketing system), KPIs, Budgeting, Short and Long-Term Financial Projections, Fixed Assets, Capex and R&D, Tax Planning and Internal Audit routines of Metro Rio, thereby contributing to the quality of corporate governance. · Conceived the financed purchase of the minority shareholder’s stake (32%) utilizing a bridge loan that was subsequently liquidated with dividend payments, resulting in a US$133 million gain (IRR of 64%) for the controlling shareholders. · Led unprecedented negotiation with the Granting Authority concerning a US$680 million investment plan (developed with input from each of the company’s senior managers), resulting in an increase of US$314 million in shareholder value. · Coordinated negotiations with the Brazilian National Development Bank for a US$210 million structured loan. · Led preparations for Metro Rio’s IPO, including: (i) coordination of legal advisors, the financial advisor and independent auditor; (ii) preparation of the Business Plan to support the Pricing of the Offering; and (iii) drafting of the Prospectus. · During Lehman Brothers crisis, proposed a dual track financing strategy to the Board of Directors of Metro Rio, which culminated in the sale of the Company for 10x EBITDA, in substitution of an IPO. · The result of the combined initiatives was sustained annual EBITDA growth of 30% from 2005 through 2009. · Reporting directly to the CEO, managed key corporate projects, such as corporate growth strategy through M&A, Brownfield and Greenfield projects.

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