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2015 Outlook for Legal Issues in Brazil by Tozzini Freire

Current economical uncertainties and hectic political landscape present an important challenge: “how do I define priorities for my business?” The search for answers to this question has driven TozziniFreire Advogados to sponsor a comprehensive study on the perspectives for Brazil in 2015, the highlights of which will be presented in the following paragraphs.

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Brazil Memo 1432 - Tension in The Markets

Following Brazil’s move, various emerging economies such as Turkey, South Africa and India are raising their interest rates in an attempt to stabilize their currencies.

· New Economic Trend:
This orthodox turnaround was already expected in view of the FED’s plans to mop up liquidity - cutting back US$ 10 billion in the purchase of treasuries this week.

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Vista Brazil, March 2013

Veirano Advogados monthly review of economic, legal, and political developments in Brazil.

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The Brazilian Economy, February 2013

Highlights of this issue:
- Trade: No clear view of the future
- Politics: Low growth saves Rousseff - for now
- IBRE Economic Outlook: The recovery of Brazil's economy: "Are we there yet?
- Interview: Sergio Quintella: How to attract investors?

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VistaBrazil - 02/2013

Veirano Advogados' monthly review of economic, legal, and political developments.

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The Brazilian Economy, January 2013

Highlights of this issue: - Rio: An economy in transition - Politics: Rousseff's next step - International trade: Brazilian services in world trade - Interview: Mayor Eduardo Paes: Rio is on the right track

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14º Prêmio ABRASCA Relatório Anual

A Câmara de Comércio Brasil-Estados Unidos parabeniza os vencedores do 14º Prêmio ABRASCA Relatório Anual.

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The Brazilian Economy, November 2012

Highlights of this issue:

- IBRE Economic Outlook: Public investment critical to Brazil's growth in 2013
- Politics: Elections: What 2012 may tell us about 2014
- Judiciary: More transparency
- Interview: Brazilian Ambassador to China Clodoaldo Hugueney

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Cadernos FGV Projetos, October/ November 2012

Highlight of this issue:
- Infrastructure Accelerating Brazil's Growth
- Interviews: Benjamin Zymler and Sergio F. Quintella
- Testimonials: João Carlos Ferraz and Jaime Lerner

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The Brazilian Economy, October 2012

Highlights of this issue:
- Will the public-private partnership work?
- Foreign Policy: Protectionism with limits
- IBRE Economic Outlook: Economy speeds up, but investments outlook is worrisome
- Interview: Paulo Sérgio Passos: "Government alone does not have the capacity to meet all the demand for transport."

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