Person of the Year Awards

Person of the Year Awards

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The Person of the Year Awards Dinner, which has been organized annually by the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. since 1970, honors two outstanding leaders (one Brazilian and one American) who have been particularly instrumental in forging closer ties between the two nations. Each year over 800 leaders from the international business, financial, and diplomatic communities convene in New York City at this traditional gala to pay tribute to the honorees.

The 2015 Person of the Year Awards Dinner will take place at the Waldorf=Astoria, New York City, on Tuesday, May 12, 2015. Please call the Person of the Year Organizational Committee at (212) 698-8520 or email [email protected] for further information on registration and sponsorship.

Person of The Year 2014
2014 Photo Gallery – Honorees Room, Rubens Ometto Silveira Mello
2014 Photo Gallery – Honorees Room, Sergio Marchionne
2014 Photo Gallery – Person of the Year Awards Gala Dinner Highlights

President Fernando Henrique Cardoso Fundação iFHC Website Discurso de Agradecimento (Português)

Fernando Henrique Cardoso was president of the Federative Republic of Brazil for two consecutive mandates, the first from January 1st, 1995 to January 1st, 1999, and the second from January 1st, 1999 to January 1st, 2003. He is a sociologist and author of a number of books on social change and development in Brazil and Latin America. He was born in Rio de Janeiro on June 18th, 1931, into a family of military background. He was married to the anthropologist Ruth Corrêa Leite Cardoso (September 19th, 1930 – June 24th, 2008) and has three children. He presides the Instituto Fernando Henrique Cardoso, which preserves and provides access to his personal archives, in addition to promoting debates on democracy and development. Academic History FHC graduated in sociology from the University of São Paulo (USP), where he began to lecture in 1952. Engaged in the struggle to improve public education and modernize the university, he was persecuted after the 1964 coup d’état. After living in exile in Chile and France, he returned to Brazil in 1968, passing a civil service exam to teach Political Science at USP. The following year, Cardoso was forced to retire and had his political rights revoked under the country’s Institutional Act nº 5. In conjunction with other lecturers and researchers whose rights had been suspended, Cardoso founded the Centro Brasileiro de Análise e Planejamento (CEBRAP), which was to become an important center for research and reflection upon the Brazilian reality. In lectures and press articles, he gained recognition as a critic of the military regime and an advocate of a peaceful transition to democracy. In addition to the University of São Paulo, of which he is emeritus professor, Cardoso has taught at the University of Santiago, Chile; the University of California (Stanford and Berkeley), USA; the University of Cambridge, England; the University of Paris-Nanterre, the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, and the Collège de France, in France. From 2003 to 2007, he was professor at-large at the Thomas J. Watson Jr. Institute for International Studies, at Brown University in the United States. He presided the International Sociological Association (1982-1986), has received honorary doctorates from more than 20 universities; he is also an honorary overseas member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. His books published in Brazil include: A arte da política: a história que vivi (2006); O presidente segundo o sociólogo, entrevista a Roberto Pompeu (1998); O mundo em português, um diálogo com Mário Soares (1998); A construção da democracia (1993); Dependência e desenvolvimento na América Latina, with Enzo Faletto (1969, relaunched in 2004); Capitalismo e escravidão no Brasil meridional: o negro na sociedade escravocrata do Rio Grande do Sul (1962, relaunched in 2003). His most recent overseas publication is The accidental president of Brazil (2006). In addition to numerous magazine articles published in various countries, a complete set of his pronouncements and speeches as president of Brazil was published in sixteen volumes by the Communication area of the Presidency of the Republic (Brasilia, 2002). In 2005, he was elected one of the hundred major public intellectuals of the world in a survey conducted by the magazines Prospect and Foreign Policy.

President Bill Clinton

Founder, Clinton Foundation
42nd President of The United States

William Jefferson Clinton, the first Democratic president in six decades to be elected twice, led the U.S. to the longest economic expansion in American history, including the creation of more than 22 million jobs.
After leaving the White House, President Clinton established the William J. Clinton Foundation with the mission to improve global health, strengthen economies, promote healthier childhoods, and protect the environment by fostering partnerships among governments, businesses, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and private citizens to turn good intentions into measurable results. Throughout the Foundation’s history and growth, Secretary Clinton and Chelsea offered their voice, vision, and counsel. To recognize their past contributions and acknowledge their role in shaping the Foundation’s future, the Foundation was renamed the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.
Today the Foundation has staff and volunteers around the world working to improve lives through several initiatives, including the Clinton Health Access Initiative, which is helping 5 million people living with HIV/AIDS access lifesaving drugs. The Clinton Climate Initiative, the Clinton Development Initiative, and the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership are applying a business-oriented approach to fight climate change worldwide and to promote sustainable economic growth in Africa and Latin America. In the U.S., the Foundation is working to combat the alarming rise in childhood obesity and preventable disease through the Alliance for a Healthier Generation and the Clinton Health Matters Initiative. Established in 2005, the Clinton Global Initiative brings together global leaders to devise and implement innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. So far, nearly 2,300 Clinton Global Initiative commitments have improved the lives of more than 400 million people in 180 nations.
In addition to his Foundation work, President Clinton has joined with former President George H.W. Bush three times – after the 2004 tsunami in South Asia, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and Hurricane Ike in 2008, and with President George W. Bush in Haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake. Today the Clinton Foundation supports economic growth, job creation, and sustainability in Haiti.
President Clinton was born on August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas. He and his wife Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton have one daughter, Chelsea, and live in Chappaqua, New York. 

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