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The Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc., based in New York City, is an independent, not-for-profit business membership organization. A non-governmental association, the Chamber’s mission is to promote trade, investment, and cultural ties between the two nations and to help develop closer ties between the business communities of both nations.

The Chamber acts as a host to bring together audiences to learn about the latest developments and opportunities in Brazil. It is a source of information for both Americans and Brazilians regarding the latest business practices, and facilitates interpretation and understanding of Brazil for the international business community.

The Chamber is a nonpartisan, non-advocacy, open forum, whose purpose is to deepen the ties and the understanding between Brazil and the United States.  The views and opinions expressed by participants, speakers, and members of the Chamber or its Directors at any Chamber event are strictly their own and should not be understood as representing a position or an endorsement by the Chamber or any of its members. 



The American-Brazilian Society was established in 1927.  In 1969, the Society changed its name to the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce and was incorporated under newly adopted by-laws.  The Chamber was the legal successor to the Society; hence the Chamber can trace its origins back more than ninety years.  Since its inception in 1927, it has maintained the same principles of promoting commerce, investments, and cultural ties between Brazil and the United States.

When the Chamber was incorporated in 1969, Brazil’s export revenues were US$1.8 billion, or less than 1% of the $220 billion exported in 2017.  GDP was $34 billion versus almost $2 trillion last year.  The population of Brazil has more than doubled since then, from 98 million to 207 million today.  The Chamber has been both a witness of and a participant in the evolution of Brazil.

The Chamber’s early years could be characterized as an organization of businessmen who knew each other through their common activities in Brazil. It was a small community: news was scarce and communications difficult, so the Chamber became a convenient place to meet and exchange information.

Since then, the Chamber has evolved with Brazil, continually adapting to the ever-changing conditions between the nations. It has continually updated its programs to respond to new constituencies and to strengthen and widen its contacts with the Brazilian public and private sectors, and to develop a professional staff to manage activities. Over the years, the Chamber has become what it is today, a prized interlocutor in the vital and continued dialogue between Brazil and the international marketplace.

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  • What is the Chamber’s mission, and how does it achieve that mission?

    The Chamber is an independent, not-for-profit, non-governmental membership organization. Its mission is to promote trade and investment activity between Brazil and the United States and to help develop closer ties between the business communities of both nations. It does this primarily by organizing sector-specific seminars and conferences that inform, educate, and provide networking opportunities. It supplements its programming with a website designed specifically to highlight opportunities between Brazil and the United States.

  • Should I be doing business in Brazil, or be Brazilian, to join the Chamber?

    The Chamber promotes understanding between the United States and Brazil. For those who do business with Brazil, the Chamber is a source of the country’s latest economic, political, and societal developments. Anyone who needs or wants to stay connected to Brazil, whether it be cross-border or local business activity, or who has a cultural or social affinity to the country, can benefit from being a Chamber member.

  • How can the Chamber help my business?

    The Chamber is the leading organization in the United States exclusively focused on promoting Brazil-US business and investment relations. We gather a network of over 300 companies and over 10,000 professionals that are directly involved with business and investment between both countries. By joining the Chamber, you will have access to high-quality information on the most current and relevant affairs impacting business between both countries. You will also be part of a network of contacts that may become a good source of business referrals to help you achieve your business goals.

  • How can my company sponsor an event?

    The Chamber offers an extensive array of event sponsorship opportunities for companies to increase their exposure in the Brazil-US business community, including breakfast briefings, seminars, luncheons, business networking receptions, major conferences (including the Brazil Economic Conference and Brazil Summit), and gala dinners. Sponsors of Chamber events build strong awareness for their products and services among leaders in Brazil-US business through a unique mix of event promotion and online/offline marketing exposure before, during, and after events. The large number of companies that renew their sponsorships year after year is a strong testament to the value of Chamber sponsorship programs. Please contact the Chamber at (212) 751-4691 to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities.

  • How do I, or how does my company, become a member?

    The Chamber is dedicated to helping each of its member companies increase and expand their business. We offer different membership levels with specific benefits tailored to your firm’s distinct needs.

    Chamber members range from small firms to Fortune 500 corporations and operate in a wide variety of sectors. As a Chamber member, your firm will receive greater institutional exposure within the Brazil-US business community, along with exclusive introductions and networking opportunities. For detailed information on each membership type, please click here.

  • Can I join the Chamber as an individual?

    Yes, the Chamber currently offers seven membership types for companies and two membership types for individuals (Young Professional and Student). For detailed information on each membership type, please click here.

  • Can non-members attend Chamber events?

    Yes, with some restrictions. Many Chamber events are open to non-members; however the Chamber also organizes events with senior government officials and business leaders to which only members are invited. For most events, members may attend for free, while non-members are charged. Also, if the event is limited to a maximum capacity of participants, Chamber members will receive priority in registering.

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