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The Person of the Year Awards Gala Dinner 2019

The 2019 Person of the Year Awards Gala Dinner will take place at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City

About the event

The Person of the Year Awards Gala Dinner has been held annually by the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce since 1970. The Gala honors two outstanding leaders – one Brazilian and one American – who have been particularly instrumental in forging closer ties between the two nations. Past honorees have included President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, President Bill Clinton, Min. Henrique Meirelles, and Henry Kissinger.

Last year the event was attended by nearly 1,000 participants from the business, financial, and diplomatic communities, many traveling from Brazil. In addition to the Gala, a series of parallel events sponsored by institutions such as FGV, Banco Itaú, BTG Pactual, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citibank, and the Financial Times have all contributed to making the week of the Gala “Brazil Week” in New York.

The POY has become the premier event of the Brazilian-American community in the U.S., and its success has enabled the Chamber to expand its annual programming to further develop the ties between Brazil and the United States.

2018 Person of the year

Judge Sérgio Fernando Moro is the Brazilian recipient and Michael R. Bloomberg is the American Recipient of the 2018 Person of the Year Awards.

The Board’s choice of Judge Moro was a recognition of his judgement, his perseverance, and his courage in leading the fight against corruption. His efforts have led to the higher ethical and moral standards in business that the Chamber embraces. His application of the rule of law has dramatically improved standards of corporate governance in Brazil and helped to re-establish the country’s international credibility.

The choice of Mr. Bloomberg is a recognition of his direct and indirect involvement in Brazil. The company he founded, Bloomberg LP, has led to a deeper understanding of Brazil by the global business community, through its news and research. Bloomberg Philanthropies has supported a number of important initiatives throughout the world to improve quality of life. Environmentally sustainable growth in large cities, boosting ocean fish populations, reducing road traffic fatalities, and improving public health are some of the global initiatives of his philanthropy in which Brazil is included.

To learn more about the honorees, and the event, click on the link below.

New York - MAY 15, 2018 - The Person of the Year Awards Dinner at Museum of Natural History, New York.

Sponsoring the 2019 Person of the Year Event

The Chamber offers several categories of sponsorship for our flagship event: Inner Circle, Platinum, Gold, and Silver.

Each category offers a different level of benefits that promote your company and provide access to other events during the week. Please call +1 212 751-4691 or e-mail for complete details.

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