Administrative Supervisor

Date: 12.07.2022

Professional Category: Administration

About Banco do Brasil

Established in 1808, Banco do Brasil (BB) is the largest bank in Brazil today. Created to facilitate funding operations and to promote the development of the nation's industrial sector, Banco do Brasil was the first bank to operate in the country and the fourth in the world to issue currency. Over the past several years, it has become an even more dynamic, modern and competitive organization, and is more committed than ever to the nation's growth and development. During its 196 years of operation, Banco do Brasil has built a culture of innovation, an unparalleled knowledge base and myriad areas of expertise to service all segments of the Brazilian market. In order to advance social development in Brazil, Banco do Brasil created the Banco do Brasil Foundation in 1988. The foundation is present in more than 800 Brazilian municipalities, promoting and funding a broad range of initiatives in the areas of education, culture, health, sports & recreation, social welfare, as well as science and technology. Banco do Brasil is present in more than 3,000 cities and with 14,593 points of service, offers the largest distribution network in Brazil. Banco do Brasil also has the largest international service network among Brazilian banks. BB has a presence in 21 countries (with 17 branches, 7 sub-branches, 9 business units and 5 subsidiaries), boasting the largest foreign branch network of any Brazilian bank. BB is also an important partner for Brazilian businesses engaged in foreign trade all over the world. Banco do Brasil has been operating in the United States since 1969, focused primarily on foreign trade and structured finance operations. In mid-2005, the bank announced the opening of BB Securities New York, a brokerage company established to assist Brazilian companies with the US stock market. Its strong international footprint underscores the fact that Banco do Brasil's credibility goes far beyond Brazil's domestic borders, making BB a very attractive investment alternative for foreign investors in the international capital market. For additional information on Banco do Brasil and its services, please visit our website (

Job title

Administrative Supervisor

Job location

New York

Job description

Supports operations by supervising staff, planning, organizing, tracking expenses, budget control, reporting to management.
Perform several duties in coordination with the execution, administration and monitoring of all matters in which the department team is involved.
Responsible for reports / presentations regarding all activities of the department team.

Responsibilities of position

Carrying out and attaining the mission and the goals of the Bank.
Sets up meetings including agendas requiring a knowledge of the purpose of the meetings, organizational priorities, and confidentiality required. Ensures that attendees know of any pre-meeting work required. Compiles pre-meeting materials and prepares minutes for the meetings.
Responsible for coordinating, organizing and participating in corporate events.
Development of the department focusing on Process improvement and operational efficiency.
Development of quality, continuous improvement, employee development in order to assure clients (internal/external) satisfaction.
Coach, mentor and develop staff.
Empower employees to take responsibility for their jobs and goals, delegate responsibility and ensure that employees understand their duties.
Set goals for performance and deadlines in ways that comply with Bank’s plans and vision and communicate them to subordinates.
Provide effective performance feedback to the team through regular tool available within the regular schedule (ADP).
Coordinate and approve in the system, employee work schedules including job rotation, training, vacation time, paid time off.
Perform job interviews to select prospective candidates when necessary.
Manage the preparation and maintenance of reports necessary to carry out the functions of the department and for management, as requested.
Assure the Manual, Policies and Procedures of the department is regularly updated.
Respond to internal and external audit inquiries related to the department.
Ability to work additional hours as needed
Flexibility to travel (US and abroad) up to 20%

Required qualifications

College Degree in Finance and/or a minimum of 5 years’ experience in Administration or a related environment preferred.
Excellent communication in English and Portuguese.
Management Skills with capacity of independently solving problems and obtaining solutions.
Excellent knowledge of desktop software, including MS Office and web-based applications.
Accuracy, Alertness, Dependability, Responsibility, Strong organizational Skills.

Inquire about position

Deborah or Adriano

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