World’s Most Admired Companies

Just as it dominates our economy, Big Tech now dominates Fortune’s annual ranking of corporate reputation. For the third year in a row, AppleAmazon, and Microsoft rank first, second, and third, respectively, based on our poll of some 3,700 corporate executives, directors, and analysts. It’s Apple’s 15th straight year in the No. 1 spot, a fitting coronation for the world’s most valuable company. As a global pandemic limped into its third year, meanwhile, companies on the front lines of the medical battle gained new respect. Pfizer, codeveloper of one of the most effective COVID-19 vaccines, vaulted all the way to No. 4, appearing on our All-Stars list for the first time in 16 years. And Danaher (No. 37), whose COVID tests and drug-development equipment are pivotal tools in the fight against the novel coronavirus, made its top 50 debut.

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