Brazil exports 4,000 head of cattle to Lebanon

São Paulo – This Thursday (10) at the Rio Grande Port 4,000 head of cattle will start being loaded for shipping to Lebanon, alongside 22,000 head of cattle bound for Turkey. The animals hail from Estância del Sur farm, in Capão do Leão, an area near Pelotas in Rio Grande do Sul. The calves are cross-bred from European breeds such as Angus and Brangus. They have been sourced from different farms across the state, are aged from seven to twelve months, weigh about 250 kg each, and are uncastrated.

It will take at least five days to get all the animals onto the ship. According to Leila Vettorello, the general manager for sales and operations with port operator Sagres – which is responsible for shipping the 6,000 animals to Lebanon and 14,500 of the animals bound for Turkey –, the reason for that is the availability of trucks and the time it takes for them to get to the port. The Panamanian ship MV Nada can accommodate all of the cattle at once. The journey is expected to take 28 days. Operator Vanzin is responsible for the remaining 7,500 head of cattle going to Turkey.


By Bruna Garcia Fonseca via ANBA


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