Brazilian National Data Protection Agency (ANPD) Discloses List of Companies Being Investigated

In the wake of the Brazilian National Data Protection Agency (ANPD) issuing further regulations1 on the determination of penalties for violations of the Data Protection Law (LGPD),2 on March 23, 2023 the ANPD launched a new webpage with the list of companies and government agencies currently under investigation in a punitive administrative process.

The list currently includes only eight entities: one private company and seven government agencies. The list includes their names, date the investigation started, the process number, current status, and a brief description of the alleged violations. The main alleged violations include:

  • Not complying with an ANPD request;
  • Lack of notice of data breach incident to data subjects; and
  • Lack of security measures.

By Renata Neeser via Littler News

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