Dispatched Business Studio Brings a New Concept of an Advisory Firm

Whether interested in entering new global markets or accelerating their business in the US, clients benefit from the “one-stop shop” approach at Dispatched.

Dispatched Business Studio is a platform of trusted advisors working in collaboration with businesses, brands, and innovative founders. This new model of an advisory firm provides curated business solutions that tap into a unique network of experts across a broad range of industries in the US and internationally.

Dispatched’s mission is to simplify and elevate the process of launching and expanding companies at all stages by delivering a comprehensive suite of services, expertise, and connections that empower entrepreneurs, innovators, brands, and investors to strategically accelerate.

The definition of ‘dispatch’ is to send off purposefully and to deal with tasks efficiently, which reflects the founders’ inherent ability to rapidly organize complex projects and manage tasks and teams through a detail-oriented approach.

Fabiola Ordonez and Rodrigo Castello Branco are creative former practicing attorneys with multicultural backgrounds and entrepreneurial mindsets who practiced law at major international firms and the world’s largest asset manager. With over fifteen years of combined experience, they have structured, led, negotiated, and closed countless transactions amounting to billions of dollars in deal value for private and public companies across various industries.

Based in New York, with personal and professional experiences spanning the Americas, Europe, and Asia, they bring a fresh and dynamic approach to the ‘square’ stereotype of advisory firms. Fabiola and Rodrigo identified a gap in clients’ needs for bespoke and efficient business services and guidance outside of law – a true handholding.  With that in mind, they departed from the practice of law to create this new concept of a ‘business studio’, where they offer a “one-stop shop” model to US and LatAm based clients.

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