Global Crisis Survey 2021: Building resilience for the future

PwC’s Global Crisis Survey 2021 examines the worldwide business community’s response to unprecedented social, economic and geopolitical disruption.

From altering corporate strategy to swiftly reshaping production capabilities, how did organizations react? How are businesses integrating what they’ve learned into a strategy for long-term resilience?

More than 70 percent of respondents said their business was negatively impacted by the crisis, and 20 percent said the crisis had a positive impact. What common threads are there among companies that are emerging stronger and those that are struggling to tread water?

Charting a resilience roadmap for 2021

Between 20 August 2020 and 25 January 2021, organizations representing 73 countries and 29 industries shared their observations. This year’s Global Crisis Survey is our second collection of corporate crisis data and analysis.

By PwC.

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