Jovens talentos: our redesigned internship program

Jovens talentos: our redesigned internship program

Mattos Filho has recently redesigned its internship program, focusing exclusively on the personal and professional development of our interns. Jovens Talentos (Young Talents) marks the beginning of their professional careers, and the program will now further support the education of future attorneys.

We want to promote discussions and reflections on the internship model currently adopted in Brazil and, ultimately, on the legal career in law firms. New hires will be subject to these changes starting in 2023. Before rolling out the program, we would like to share the most important innovations with you:

•    We will reduce working hours (from 6 to 5), in a hybrid format;
•    We will grant our interns 15 days’ leave to prepare for the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) examination;
•    Selected interns will take part in a committee with partners, created exclusively to oversee the program;
•    We will have exclusive vacancies for black students, students coming from public schools, families with an income of up to three minimum wages, and those participating in public educational incentive programs;
•    As the internship creates career expectations, we will inform interns in advance whether or not they will be hired as full-time professionals.
•    The last significant change is that hours incurred by interns will no longer be billed to our clients – precisely because they will be dedicated only to their development as students.

This new proposal will allow students to focus on activities and routines to develop technical and behavioral skills, in addition to their degree programs. It is time to think about how we are contributing to the academic development of our interns.

By the end of the program, we hope that our interns will have had the opportunity to enrich their training and understand how the various legal practices work, see the challenges and opportunities in the legal profession and develop the key values and skills for succeeding in their careers.

All this aligns with this specific phase in their lives: being students.

We know that the program will continue to evolve. We live in a challenging, dynamic environment where it is necessary to take steps to achieve a balance between performance and well-being. After all, they should go hand-in-hand. This is perhaps the greatest challenge for organizations today. This is Mattos Filho’s first step, but all positions within the firm will also receive our full attention, with new initiatives to monitor career development.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to extend our respect and reinforce our commitment to you – our clients – and to thank you for your partnership.

Kind Regards,

Roberto Quiroga

Mattos Filho 

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