Littler – webinars for the weeks of March 13 & March 20

Webinars for the weeks of March 13 & March 20


March 14

Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations

Conducting an effective workplace investigation can be a daunting task. It’s critical to maintain objectivity, uncover important facts, and follow compliance and confidentiality procedures. Despite their complex nature, these investigations continue to be increasingly important in today’s highly litigious workplace. Organizations must not only protect workers’ rights to proper investigation, but they must also show concern for workers’ wellbeing in the event of an accident. In this 60-minute webinar,
Rocio Blanco Garcia will walk you through a basic training on conducting effective workplace investigations.

Additionally, Stephanie Zielinski, Marketing Director of ComplianceHR will walk you through PolicySmart™. This all-in-one employee handbook tool can help you simplify the complexity of employment law and make your compliance strategy become proactive instead of reactive

March 15

Yet More Major New Changes in NY State and City Employment Law?!?

Littler’s New York office will review recent New York State and New York City employment law developments and identify the practical steps that businesses should take to maintain their employment compliance in 2023 and beyond. This discussion will cover multiple recent developments, including:

New Statutes

·        NYS additional protected categories under the NYS Human Rights Law

·        NYS pay transparency in job postings

·        NYS expanded lactation accommodation requirements

·        NYS new Lawful Absence Law

·        NYS regulation of work-related quotas for warehouse workers


·        NYC artificial intelligence enforcement

·        NYS expanded whistleblowers protection

·        NYS pay frequency litigation

·        NYS freelancers aren’t free

·        NYS Wage Transparency Law

·        NYS Adult Survivors Act

March 21

Where Have All the Workers Gone? – Tackling the Chronic Labor Shortage

In this webinar, Littler Shareholder Bruce Sarchet will discuss the scope of the current shortage of workers in the U.S., and

review some of the more popular options for attracting and retaining talent. Oftentimes, the more creative “bells and whistles” approaches to employee compensation and benefits come with a host of labor and employment law challenges. We will explore those challenges and discuss how human resources professionals, in-house legal counsel and business owners can implement solutions.

Additionally, Kimball Norup, CEO of ComplianceHR, will discuss the cultural and employee benefits of having a comprehensive
and up-to-date compliance strategy. He will also introduce you to the Navigator Suite of solutions, which can help you simplify the complexity of employment law and make your compliance strategy proactive instead of reactive.

March 22

Compliance Training Plus: Fresh Perspectives and Guidance on Compliance Training That Make Sense

Littler’s Training Group Principal Marissa Dragoo and Shareholder Demery Ryan will discuss the nuts and bolts of common workplace training challenges with Kantola Training Solutions’ CEO, Sarah Rowell.

This session will provide insights on training challenges and how to best address them, and will also provide attendees with a reminder and proposed game plans for addressing their many state and local jurisdiction compliance requirements, which now include Chicago’s new Bystander Intervention training.

Get an insider’s view on how to train hybrid workplaces, remote workplaces and multistate workplaces. This webinar will also provide techniques and advice for overcoming the challenges created by workplace operations, structure and dynamics,
including staff diversity from corporate employees, to manufacturing, traveling and even multilingual employees.

March 23

A Littler Virtual Roundtable | New York Retail Industry

Littler attorneys and in-house counsel from some of the nation’s top retailers present a highly engaging virtual roundtable discussion. This interactive forum will allow industry colleagues to share how businesses are handling current legal challenges. Participants will explore practical and out-of-the-box approaches to address challenges they have faced, sharing ideas and strategies that have proven successful.

Topics to be discussed at this roundtable include:

·        NLRB update including Board decision on severance agreements

·        Predictive scheduling laws

·        Pay transparency in job posting statutes

·        NYS legal updates including additional protected categories under NYS Human Rights Law, expanded lactation accommodation requirements, Lawful Absence Law, and enforcement of Artificial Intelligence Law

·        The worker protection unit/wage theft task force from DA Bragg

This roundtable discussion is designed for contacts within the retail industry.


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