Mattos Filho – Ready for our next 30 years | Watch our brand manifesto video

We believe in practicing law dynamically to match the pace of change in society and drive its evolution forward. We know that change starts from the inside out, so we challenge the status quo and work to generate positive impacts for society and inspire the market.

Our high-performance team combines its expertise in offering highly integrated, collaborative legal services that are renowned throughout the market. As the ideal strategic partner for anticipating trends and solving your most complex problems, our full-service model unites the best lawyers across more than 40 areas of the law.

We have extended our reach beyond Brazil’s borders in seeking to shorten distances and strengthen connections with our international clients. We have established offices in New York and London, helping us to remain close to those around the world who wish to do business in Brazil.

We understand our professionals are vital to our business and that performance and well-being go hand in hand. That is why we prioritize a humanized approach to people management, caring for our people and developing their full potential.

Click here to watch the video about our manifesto.

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