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Love Together Brasil is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Piancó, Paraíba.

The idea to establish Love Together Brasil was born in 2014, inspired by Geralda Sarraf, a native of Piancó who lives in New York, and her American friend Kristen Campagna.

The idealism and altruism of the friends became a reality, with the help of friends and volunteers, starting in April 2015, when Love Together Brasil, officially established, began its work in underprivileged communities in the hinterlands of Paraíba.

The goal of Love Together Brasil is to carry out, with the support of volunteers and the partnership of companies and public and private institutions, specific actions in education, health, and water supply.

In the last three years, the activities of Love Together Brasil have been intensified to alleviate the problem of water scarcity in underprivileged communities in the Northeast region, notably in Paraíba, with the drilling/installation of artesian wells in Daycares, Schools, Hospitals, and Urban and Rural Communities, through the “WATER FOR THOSE WHO ARE THIRSTY” Project, benefiting thousands of people.

Through this project, with the help of donors and volunteers, Love Together Brasil has delivered 50 (fifty) artesian wells, contributing to improving the living conditions of approximately 150,000 people in the Metropolitan Region of the Vale do Piancó, which covers 18 (eighteen) municipalities in the hinterlands of Paraíba.

In addition to carrying out specific actions in Education and Health, our mission is to bring potable water to underprivileged communities in the northeastern hinterland, promoting the socioeconomic development of regions affected by frequent droughts, intense heat, and water scarcity.

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